want: amq puma sandals

gahhhhhhh someone please buy these... they are an alexander mcqueen/puma collaboration and sample, available at backstreet shoes on a super special deal. $60!!!!! they are my size. size 9. and i do love a deal. but i have to draw the line somewhere. i have really really wide and flat feet. no arch at all. and dare i say bunion. so my feet would look quite vulgar in these lovely sandals. there would literally be foot spilling over both sides of that beautiful leather sole. and poor lee alexander mcqueen would be rolling over in his grave. i would like him to rest in peace please. and i doubt i could fit my fat big toe through that toe strap. but at least i don't have weird skinny finger toes, or a freakishly long second toe. or webbed toes. shudder. i'll just stick to wearing my hi-tops and boots. sadly my feet were just not built for shoes or sandals.

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