stupid stupid stupid.... and then oh wow.

i've had these harman kardon soundstick speakers for years... they're amazing. and they look incredible. like jellyfish. i just noticed this afternoon, more than a month after the house was broken into that the stupid robber took the power cord and power adaptor for my speakers. and left the speakers. they also took my macbook, but left the macbook adaptor that was clearly marked with an APPLE on it and also plugged into the computer. SO NOW WE'RE BOTH SCREWED AREN'T WE. luckily my insurance company was amazing, and paid for everything to be replaced immediately. but what kind of moron unplugs a cord from a weird looking subwoofer assuming it'll power the laptop? uh, probably the same guy who robs a house to get $$ for crack. i may be giving this dumbass too much credit here... stupid stupid stupid.

whoever broke in realized the potential goodness of the resale value all the apple products laying around the house... but didn't know the difference between an apple remote and an ipod. literally. the robber also took our apple remote (retails for $19) and a partly blown out iphone headset. good luck trying to listen music on that remote control you idiot.

while i was looking for a new power supply for my speakers off the harman/kardon website, i came across these beauties. OH WOW. GLA-55. droooool... ok, so they retail for $999 which is pretty much the replacement cost of my computer, but good god hella holy good looking speakers batman! fortress of solitude anyone? i won't be getting these anytime soon. but i'll go and pet them in the store someday soon.

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