studded belts and chain belts

i made these belts a few months ago, but just got around to adding them to my etsy shop today! skinny stretchy high waist leather belts. with studs and or chains. they're made with black croc embossed cowhide, line in metallic bronze leather, shantung silk covered elastic, and adjustable snap closures. these belts can be worn front to back, back to front... anything goes. i like to add a little detail on the back of simple dress or t-shirt. oh the horror! THE HORROR! i just realized that this dress looks like a one sleeved dress in these photos. something i SWORE i would never wear. it's not! it's not! i swear! it's got one leather shoulder strap, it's a touch asymmetrical and just tends to hang more towards one side. i swear it's not a one sleeve dress. ack!

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