some charles harper + betty crocker action

so this is a little bit of a hidden charley harper goodness... betty crocker's dinner for two cookbook, published in 1958. i tracked down this book a few years ago... and i absolutely love it... i've never ever read any of the recipes, but i've opened it up quite a few times to look at the illustrations. i completely lucked out and managed to get a first edition, first printing! i didn't even know until i got it in the mail! it's not in perfect condition, but good enough! you can still a few of these on amazon once in a while... it's affordable (we're talking $30) and worth if if you're a harper fan! i've taken photos of some of my favourite pages. there are amazing funny and quirky illustrations on EVERY page.
here's the cover of the book, it's ugly and tacky enough for you to doubt it's full of yummy illustrations.

love the dead rabbit in the shopping cart.

potatoes with eyes!!!

crazy cat lady smells like fish!

who doesn't love sausage?


  1. Ohhh the cat lady illustration is awesome! James B just got Freddy this beautiful, GIGANTIC charles harper book. You should come over and look at it sometimes. I love the colors he uses...so inspirational.

  2. LOL @ the cute little piggies, aka pork sausages


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