so good looking radiator friends

these are sooo good looking. i was seriously tempted to yank out all my baseboard heaters as soon as i saw these radiators designed by bisque. stupid boring electric baseboard heaters. until i found out that they sell in the UK, and retail for about $1200. my house currently hooked up for oil furnace and electric baseboard heaters. i've never used the furnace, and plan to have the oil tank, furnace and air ducts removed this spring. so hopefully between now and then, someone invents an affordable good looking alternative to those ugly old baseboard and forced air electric heaters. (via sub-studio design)

these amazing "spring" radiators are also by bisque. the medium sized one retails for about $1500. ok. so that's way more than my entire budget for digital thermostats and forced air heaters. it's hard to renovate on a very very very extremely tight budget, when all i want are all these fancyass beautiful functional design objects. meahhhhhhhh. okay. i should just happy that i have heat. and a home. and had a delicious hot lunch. holy spoiled moment there.

why can't i have these radiators!!!!!!!


  1. Did you know that they also have an outlet store? www.bisqueoutlet.co.uk
    Don't know if they ship outside of the UK though

  2. oooh! thanks for the hot tip anonymous commenter. this might justify a trip to the uk... they have them for 70% off at the outlet! i love a good deal!

  3. Ooh, look here!




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