paint your own ceramics

i tried to organize a drawing night at a paint your own ceramics studio this week... i've been walking past this place since i moved to montreal over 7 years ago, and was always sort of horrified by the place... (possible art school snobbery?) so drawing night at the ceramics place seemed like a good idea. apparently wednesday night was possibly the worst night ever for the drawing night crew. paint your own/drawing night was competing with en masse installation for nuit blanche, out of town, hockey game, friend's birthday, choir practice, vintage shoe sale set up, and work... only two of us could make it. (two of us includes me) so i called it off but went anyway with my friend yana.

yana made a planter, and i finally settled on a garden gnome, only after contemplating a giant persian cat and a transformer. they had so much stuff to pick from! mugs start at $8. and painting time is $8/hour or 3 hours for $12, and it's less for groups of 6 or more. seriously, the most relaxing three hours ever. so much fun. and for the cost of a few drinks at a bar. neither of us really drink so this is what we plan on doing with our fun money from now on. and it's also the latest we've stayed out on a school night.

i think paint your own ceramics has gotten a really bad rep, mostly because of the ugly stuff they display in the window. and all those kids parties. anyway, these are some pictures of our stuff before it's glazed and fired. hopefully they won't turn out super tacky when they're done! it's super hard to paint in the lines... sheesh. i felt like the "slow" kid in art class. we're picking up our stuff next week! yeahhhhhhh!!!!!


  1. I SOOOO would have been there if I was in Montreal!! We have to do it again!!!!

  2. YAY this was so much fun! Thanks for organizing it...


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