newspaper string

yeah!!! maybe all those newspaper companies that are going out of business should just tweak their machines to make string instead. newspaper string. for super duper flammable, yet eco green environment friendly recycled stuff. like door mats, and baby clothes. i'm sure if you're worried about the flammability of the newspaper baby onesie, or you know the threat of burning down your house with your newspaper doormat when someone places that flaming bag of dog poo on your eco-mat, i've heard of this asbestos fireproofing spray that might be just the think you're looking for. newspaper string pictured above are by newspaper spinner dutch designer greetje van tiem. and i thought it was so cool when my gerbils would shred their newspaper bedding with their sharp little shreddy teeth. well it was cool until our brother and sister gerbil team did the nasty and had little inbred gerbil babies, and then ate most of them. (via green upgrader)

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