new tops. lace backs. straps.

new tops for spring summer... i took these photos during one of the coldest days this winter, so i was struggling not to look too unhappy because i was freezing.

anyway, two different tops.. one black linen with lace back and with strap detailing on the back and coming off the neck to under the arms... the second one is a cowl neck jersey top with just a bit of a sleeve and round lace back.

i can never find tops i really want to wear... i don't like wearing tight tops, i feel like i can't bend or sit w/o everyone seeing the normal bits of pudge things everyone has... especially that winter muffin top that comes with not going to the gym for 6 months. don't worry, i'm not saying i'm fat or anything. tight clothing is just not flattering sometimes. and i don't think people should have to wear spanx just to wear a t-shirt.

so, these tops are loose fitting and easy to wear cowls necks look good on everyoen and as an added bonus it doesn't look like you're wearing a sac. oh and i made the armholes super low so you won't feel like a kid in a snowsuit. each fabric is matched with a different lace... that seafoam jersey is paired with this amazing intricate french lace i got my hands on during one of my internships in nyc nearly 10 years ago.

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