new jewelry: totem pole

this pendant was inspired by that trip i made a few months ago to the flea market near my house. i was really tempted to buy this brightly painted mini totem pole for $50, (by mini i mean about 3 feet tall) but i had just spent all my money on supplies that week, had no room in my house for a totem pole, and shouldn't have been at the flea market anyway. so, i made my own totem pole.

stacked up animals include from top to bottom: an owl with a heart shaped face, a giant cat head, one rabbit, all balanced on a tiny deer standing on three legs.

measures 1.25" tall, and 3/8" across at the widest part, cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, oxidized to bring out all the details, then polished to a high shine. comes on an 18" sterling silver chain.

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