new jewelry! cat vs. eagle

i love cats, but i don't necessarily want to wear cat jewelry. especially cheesy cat jewelry. i have a cat t-shirt, but it looks super tough. not crazy cat ladyish at all. i had my mum knit me a custom cat sweater when i was in grade school. it even had a knitted mouse pin that you could move around the sweater. anyway, this is something new that i just made. cat. vs giant bird. it's either a very larger bird, or a very small cat. nothing good can come of this.

super detailed, i sharpen the claws by hand, detailed cat fur. and the cat is even anatomically correct. well not really, but it has an a**hole.

oh yeah, and i spent all weekend and part of last week re-doing my ENTIRE website, because the last one was done on my laptop, and that laptop was stolen, and that stuff can't be recovered. it needed some updates anyway. but redoing the entire thing isn't really my idea of a good time. so, have a look and let me know if it's buggy anywhere.

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