monsieur pepito mimumi? monsieur pepito mimumi?

so, i read in reader's digest a long time ago, a good way to avoid telemarketers is to list your phone number under your pet's name. so if someone is daft enough to call and ask for snowball, you know they're trying to sell you something at dinner time. it's the poor man's unlisted number. aka free. and i do love a deal. apparently there was a typo somewhere along the way years ago when i changed the name attached to my phone number from my name to my cat's name. i'm listed under "pepito mimumi" instead of "pepito mimumo"... this poor old cat cat averages about one call a month. and it really never gets old to hear telemarketers stumble on his "exotic" name, and then getting to tell them sorry, my cat can't come to the phone. here's a guy who didn't realize he was talking to my voicemail. i have another message from the same guy that post below. i think he's annoyed

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