collars for cats

after two nearly lost cat episodes in the last few months i decided it's time to put collars on the cats... i used to live in a 5th floor condo where there was no chance of the cats getting out, unless they learned how to use the elevator of course. well... there was this one time right after i moved in, before they put in the window screens, poof managed to crank the window open with her face or something and climb out onto the fifth floor window ledge. i nearly had a heart attack when i saw all the german language institute students pointing up at her from across the street. i guess that's not really relevant because wether or not she was wearing a collar wouldn't really have made a difference in that situation.

i've made collars for my cats before. leather ones. but every. single. time. i'd get carried away and put on too many spikes or studs, and the poor cat's head would practically sag under the weight of the collar. so time to invest in some collars. and by invest, i mean shell out $10 for the black anodized aluminium tags. that's $10 for all three tags including laser etching on both sides and shipping. my phone number is on the back of the tags. yay ebay. and shell out $3 at the dollar store for the least tacky collars i could find. i read that it's best to get those breakaway collars for cats just in case they get the collar caught on something. these ones don't breakaway, so i'm going to grind some of the plastic off the sides of the clips so they undo when you pull on the collar.

try and get away now cats...

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