new jewelry: totem pole

this pendant was inspired by that trip i made a few months ago to the flea market near my house. i was really tempted to buy this brightly painted mini totem pole for $50, (by mini i mean about 3 feet tall) but i had just spent all my money on supplies that week, had no room in my house for a totem pole, and shouldn't have been at the flea market anyway. so, i made my own totem pole.

stacked up animals include from top to bottom: an owl with a heart shaped face, a giant cat head, one rabbit, all balanced on a tiny deer standing on three legs.

measures 1.25" tall, and 3/8" across at the widest part, cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, oxidized to bring out all the details, then polished to a high shine. comes on an 18" sterling silver chain.


new! antler earring

little single antler earring. measures 2" long and 0.5" at the widest part. to be worn on it's own, not as a pair. cast in solid sterling silver, but weighs only 3 grams so it won't be heavy on your ear. each sharp point is finished by hand. can be worn in many ways. available in my etsy shop.


thursday giveaway: my to do pile

this is what i'll be working on right after i'm done dinner. see everyone in a few weeks. lots of new things within this pile. if anyone can correctly guess how many pieces are in this pile, i'll send you a tiny cat head necklace. (pictured below) place your answer in the comments section, as well as a way for me to get in touch with you! or if you're feeling shy, email me your answer at roadkillroadkill (at) gmail.com. good luck! mew!

don't fret my pets. this contest is still open... no one has guessed correctly yet. if no one gets the exact number, closest guess will win the prize. and stop guessing ranges of numbers! you weren't allowed to do that in school, you're not allowed to do that now. heh heh.

studded belts and chain belts

i made these belts a few months ago, but just got around to adding them to my etsy shop today! skinny stretchy high waist leather belts. with studs and or chains. they're made with black croc embossed cowhide, line in metallic bronze leather, shantung silk covered elastic, and adjustable snap closures. these belts can be worn front to back, back to front... anything goes. i like to add a little detail on the back of simple dress or t-shirt. oh the horror! THE HORROR! i just realized that this dress looks like a one sleeved dress in these photos. something i SWORE i would never wear. it's not! it's not! i swear! it's got one leather shoulder strap, it's a touch asymmetrical and just tends to hang more towards one side. i swear it's not a one sleeve dress. ack!


paint your own ceramics

i tried to organize a drawing night at a paint your own ceramics studio this week... i've been walking past this place since i moved to montreal over 7 years ago, and was always sort of horrified by the place... (possible art school snobbery?) so drawing night at the ceramics place seemed like a good idea. apparently wednesday night was possibly the worst night ever for the drawing night crew. paint your own/drawing night was competing with en masse installation for nuit blanche, out of town, hockey game, friend's birthday, choir practice, vintage shoe sale set up, and work... only two of us could make it. (two of us includes me) so i called it off but went anyway with my friend yana.

yana made a planter, and i finally settled on a garden gnome, only after contemplating a giant persian cat and a transformer. they had so much stuff to pick from! mugs start at $8. and painting time is $8/hour or 3 hours for $12, and it's less for groups of 6 or more. seriously, the most relaxing three hours ever. so much fun. and for the cost of a few drinks at a bar. neither of us really drink so this is what we plan on doing with our fun money from now on. and it's also the latest we've stayed out on a school night.

i think paint your own ceramics has gotten a really bad rep, mostly because of the ugly stuff they display in the window. and all those kids parties. anyway, these are some pictures of our stuff before it's glazed and fired. hopefully they won't turn out super tacky when they're done! it's super hard to paint in the lines... sheesh. i felt like the "slow" kid in art class. we're picking up our stuff next week! yeahhhhhhh!!!!!

some charles harper + betty crocker action

so this is a little bit of a hidden charley harper goodness... betty crocker's dinner for two cookbook, published in 1958. i tracked down this book a few years ago... and i absolutely love it... i've never ever read any of the recipes, but i've opened it up quite a few times to look at the illustrations. i completely lucked out and managed to get a first edition, first printing! i didn't even know until i got it in the mail! it's not in perfect condition, but good enough! you can still a few of these on amazon once in a while... it's affordable (we're talking $30) and worth if if you're a harper fan! i've taken photos of some of my favourite pages. there are amazing funny and quirky illustrations on EVERY page.
here's the cover of the book, it's ugly and tacky enough for you to doubt it's full of yummy illustrations.

love the dead rabbit in the shopping cart.

potatoes with eyes!!!

crazy cat lady smells like fish!

who doesn't love sausage?

skulls, cat & snow

some custom his & hers rings i made for a special order. royal skulls. ponyo watching the snowstorm. i've hooked up a birdfeeder right outside the window to keep her entertained, and to keep the birds a bit on edge.


3 & 4 spike rings

i made these rings back in august, but didn't get around to photographing them properly until now... the triple spike ring and four spike ring are now available in my etsy shop. please excuse the dirty fingernails, i was staining wood shelves earlier this week, and i guess i just haven't gotten around to giving them nails a proper scrub. i think the triple spike ring might do a good amount of damage if you ever get into a fist fight, but no guarantees if your adversary has already greased up her face with vaseline. you're outta luck.


new wide studded high waist belts

i've just listed some of my studded wide high waist leather belts... these are made with croc embossed black cowhide (my favourite leather ever!!) and are lined with grey leather. they measure 4.5" at the widest part, elastic straps are 2.25" wide and covered in gathered black shantung silk. adjustable snap closure so you can go to the buffet without having to take off your belt. you can wear it in two ways... i have medium/large available right now, fits from a 30" waist up to 40". bright silver domed studs set in three syles, styles from top to bottom, "line", "arrow", and "diamond"... available in my pepito mimumo etsy shop.


olympic medals

this is super cool! the olympic medals for the vancouver 2010 games were made from recycled electronic waste, like motherboards from computers and cell phones... i had no idea! i wasn't crazy about the design of the medals, but after watching this video and seeing what went into the design of the medals, i think it's super special! ... (via motherboard)

new bag: leather and chain fringe

oh hi, new one of a kind purse today... little round bag made in black leather, with zippered back pocket, and a zippered main compartment, lined in charcoal grey cotton canvas. long swingy black metal chains, with one chain with a little round silver bell hanging on the end. super long shoulder strap is long enough to wear across your chest... good for bike riding!! purse adjusting while biking makes for a crappy ride... available in my etsy shop....