want: toshiba escargot vacuum

so, this really really good looking toshiba escargot vacuum has been making the rounds on every design blog, not unlike your mother. (there's an attempt at a yo mama joke in there somewhere) sadly it's only available in japan. of course. and it's only about $130!! meahhhhh.

the last time i bought a "designy" vacuum, was when i shelled out $40-50 for a "KONE" rechargeable hand vacuum designed by karim rashid... it doubles as a lamp. or desk ornament. kind of... there's an unusually bright led light in the base (you can turn it off)... they're really pushing the "also a display item" angle. ok, it looks super cool, but there's no way i'm keeping it on my desk. dirt devil says it's the "new shape of clean"... well let me tell you something about this new shape... not sure if i'm using it wrong- but when i use it, the dirt shoots out of the vents, and hits me in the face. so this vacuum is in a permanent time out in the basement. maybe i'll have more luck with the escargot? i can't believe i'm blogging about vacuums.


  1. ughhh the escargot vacuum is nasty!!! i want to make a really gross joke but I think i will have to tell you in person...

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