thursday giveaway : card cases

so here's what you have to do... these little leather applique cases hold business cards or credit cards or whatever else you want to stuff in there. and it's yours. free. ok, so there is a catch. you need to email me a drawing of a cat. it doesn't have to be your cat. you don't even need to have a cat. just a drawing of a cat. it doesn't even have to be a good drawing. email it to me at elaine@roadkillroadkill.com. that's it. and i'll send you a couple of card cases. (that's two) i'm aiming for two cat drawings. you can win yourself four card cases if you draw me two cats. i'm likely to post them on this very blog. so make them good.

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  1. My cat drawing is not good at all. Just didn't want to cheat and get my man to draw me one up cause well he is a champ!

    You should have your new sketchy cat drawing in your mail box now :)


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