inhaler pendant... cough cough

doesn't everybody and their mother have asthma these days? i certainly do... i originally made this pendant nearly two years ago for my friend's birthday, uh let's call her joan. joan had a crush on this guy she worked with. they both loved animals, but were horribly allergic to them. animals make joan itchy and wheezy. i'm not sure if anything ever came of these allergyfests, but joan and her crush would share an inhaler. how cute is that?   

this tiny inhaler is cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, oxidized to bring out the details, then polished to a high shine. comes on an 18" sterling silver chain. it measures about 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. ironically also small enough to be a decent choking hazard. available in my etsy shop...

yay asthma!
three cheers for flovent! salbutamol! proventil!

cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough


yellow submarine in your cup

so adorable. designed by ototo. made of silicone. i have yet to jump on the silicone bandwagon. i don't mean like breast implants. but silicon baking pans and muffin liners and silicone vegetable steamers, stuff like that. where the silicone gets cooked. it kind of freak me out. i'm going to stick with my carcinogenic non stick coating for now. (via likecool)


shy cats

i'm cat sitting some good looking cats right now... and some of the shyest cats ever... so shy that i've only met one of them. pony hid inside the couch the entire time i was there. minji came out to say hello. and then went inside the couch. i tried to lure them out with a trail of cat treats. no luck. come out and play! i'll be back. i'm actually working on my spring/summer stuff right now. i know this blog has been a bit heavy on the cat posts... i'll be posting pictures of the new stuff soon...

the cats are in! the cats are in!

yeah!!! this worked out really well... this week's contest is officially closed. the two illustrations on top are by the very talented graphic designer/illustrator agiroux.com the cat on the bottom is by crystal, she has a fantastic vintage shop on etsy... check out the house of hearts. thanks for the cats!!

thursday giveaway : card cases

so here's what you have to do... these little leather applique cases hold business cards or credit cards or whatever else you want to stuff in there. and it's yours. free. ok, so there is a catch. you need to email me a drawing of a cat. it doesn't have to be your cat. you don't even need to have a cat. just a drawing of a cat. it doesn't even have to be a good drawing. email it to me at elaine@roadkillroadkill.com. that's it. and i'll send you a couple of card cases. (that's two) i'm aiming for two cat drawings. you can win yourself four card cases if you draw me two cats. i'm likely to post them on this very blog. so make them good.


want: skull and bones full of dirty secrets

currently up for auction at christie's by an anonymous secret seller, this skull and bones ballot box from 1872, complete with hinged skull, once belonging to yale's skull and bones society. the best part?? his name is THOR!!!! makes for a good cookie jar. i've always wanted to be part of a secret society. or maybe i am part of one, and i just can't tell you. i've also always wanted a treehouse. (via born rich)


want: toshiba escargot vacuum

so, this really really good looking toshiba escargot vacuum has been making the rounds on every design blog, not unlike your mother. (there's an attempt at a yo mama joke in there somewhere) sadly it's only available in japan. of course. and it's only about $130!! meahhhhh.

the last time i bought a "designy" vacuum, was when i shelled out $40-50 for a "KONE" rechargeable hand vacuum designed by karim rashid... it doubles as a lamp. or desk ornament. kind of... there's an unusually bright led light in the base (you can turn it off)... they're really pushing the "also a display item" angle. ok, it looks super cool, but there's no way i'm keeping it on my desk. dirt devil says it's the "new shape of clean"... well let me tell you something about this new shape... not sure if i'm using it wrong- but when i use it, the dirt shoots out of the vents, and hits me in the face. so this vacuum is in a permanent time out in the basement. maybe i'll have more luck with the escargot? i can't believe i'm blogging about vacuums.


cat house! and cats!

poof patiently waiting for her turn in the cat house. pepito was hogging it.

poof enjoying the view.

thank you tyson & angie for the loyal luxe cat house! i just set it up and the cats love love love it!


kittens kittens kittens

check out the spots!!! this is smith

different color aka rolo

blue, contemplating some kitten milk, or a self imposed time out...

kitten keeping clean...

oh in case you're wondering, these aren't my kittens... i was just visiting them over the holiday... there were five of them, by the time i got there, 2 of them were in their new homes already... but i can't complain. three super tiny kittens to play with? yeahhhhh!!!!! and besides, i already have a new kitten. a porch kitten.

happy new year's peeps! oh but what time is it?

what? what? this is the ULTIMATE flip clock. i love flip clocks! designed for the city of geneva by nicolas le moigne, this flip clock spells out the time. and it's extra nice because it's in french. i'd have this in my house, several of them in fact, but would it be really noisy from all constant flipping? maybe i could put it outside. oh, right, this was designed for the city of geneva. not for me. (via designboom)