want: teak display unit

ok, so i'm mildly obsessed with craigslist. i managed to contact the seller within 5 minutes of this ad going up. i really wanted this. i have this low teak bookshelf that's almost the exact same size. so this glass case would have stacked perfectly on top of my existing bookcase. i love a glass front bookcase/cabinet. the guy calls me, he's super nice, we arrange for me to pay him an extra fee to deliver the case this weekend... so excited! it's a really good price. a steal really. he calls me today, and tells me after he brought it upstairs to photograph it for craigslist, his WIFE decided she wanted to keep it. meahhhhhhh. i kind of hate her.

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  1. That sucks. Here in a place in Calgary I shop at that has items similar, but more pricey. honeybs.com

    she has wicked shit, her name is barb



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