want: picnica bunny tote

hello!! re-usable lightweight nylon tote by picnica that folds into a rabbit. it doesn't get any more incredible than that. $30 from a + r store. i'm looking for a canadian retailer that has it at a reasonable price. ohhh, it's $27 at japanesemoderndesign.com, but they only ship UPS from the US, and UPS is an absolute killer with duty & customs clearing fees... i found it at one canadian on-line shop for $65!!! NO WAY!!! ... want! so badly! in grey. or black. or one of each. but not for $65. meahhhh. if anyone in the US can order this for me and then mail it to me with USPS... i'll mail you a dead rabbit pendant. how's that for a trade? rabbit for rabbit.

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