porch kitten's big day out... again.

porch kitten heading toward agrignon.

porch kitten waiting for a pick-up.

porch kitten admiring a big christmas tree.

porch kitten tying her luck. 20 million dollars this week peeps!

porch kitten on the phone.

porch kitten in heat.

good news and bad news... i took the kitten in for her second round of vaccinations... and the vet told me she's actually at least 5 months old and not 4 months old as previously thought. and... she's just about to go into heat. early. yeesh. so she's booked to get fixed on january 4th... i'm totally against de-clawing cats, but kitten has this pesky nail that grows really deep in between her extra toes, and it's really really difficult to trim, and if it doesn't get trimmed, it'll grow into her paw pad because it doesn't get worn down like the other nails, because she doesn't walk on it. so- i'm going to get those two pesky extra claws removed while she's getting that uterus removed, but i'll leave all the other claws of course...

oh, and in other news, it's good to feed your cat a couple of tablespoons of vaseline every other day, to prevent hairballs. how weird. i was like: "hey wtf dr. vet? my cat needs to eat petroleum byproducts? how am i supposed get my cat to eat vaseline?" she said that most cats will eat vaseline on their own. and they like it. and if your cat won't eat it, get the flavored stuff at the pets store. ie: chicken flavored laxative. so that's your hot tip of the day.

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