pepito mimumo fw 09/10 wool hoody

this is the jacket i made for this season... under the label "pepito mimumo". (that's my cat.) it's made from italian wool (this one is a heavyweight black and white patterned wool, with black mylar strips woven throughout) fully lined in black wool with tiny pink and white polka dots, big vintage buttons from a paris flea market, leather elbow patches, elastics at the sleeve to keep the cold wind out, and POCKETS! i had a weird mental block against sewing pockets, so this is the first jacket i've ever made that has pockets. all of these jackets are one of a kind. and handmade. they're a ton of work, so i've only made 8 of them so far. available in my etsy shop.

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  1. I love the elbow patches. Congrats on sewing pockets on jackets... it's kind of like a giant handbag with pockets, i suppose?


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