custom leather chain roll

chains before... stored in a vintage cigarette box, sorted with twist ties and ziploc bags....

chains after! 17 loops! leather! silk!

hello! look how organized! by style! by length!


ok, so my chain situation was getting a bit out of hand... i had them plastic bags, and if i was lucky, they were maybe separated by twist ties. i've been on the hunt for a nice plain black velvet chain roll. but no luck... i found a few half velvet ones- velvet on the inside, and vinyl on the outside. how tacky. and $20-30 for that garbage. and with only 8 loops.

"oh, here's your $120 handcrafted silver necklace, and here, let me get you a chain from this thing that looks like it's a dollar store."

no way. there was this other one, that was made from fake suede, burgundy on one side and grey on the other. for $57!!!!!! what a piece of junk.

"oh, here's your painstakingly handcrafted one of a kind sterling silver necklace, and why don't i get you a chain from this ultra-suede monstrosity that was obviously sewn by a colorblind left handed child laborer?"

so since i'm done all my holiday sales and shows for this season, i decided to make my own... in leather. black leather. with black snaps... and silk covered elastics, they kind of look too much like hair scrunchies, so i might switch them to leather straps some other time. this leather chain roll 17 loops. i'm quite pleased with it. and there's loops to spare.


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  2. thats a great idea, elaine! nice job!


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