want: teak desk in a box

yup, this is one of those items that's on my dream furniture wishlist... and it's only $450 on craigslist. and it's in montreal. and it's killing me that i'm not buying it. why am i not buying it? because i don't need it. and i don't have room for it. and i'm going to call in some self control. and pretend i never saw the listing. for my dream magic teak hideaway desk in a box. and it's a really really really good price. and am i really going to close up my desk after using it? not really. and. and. and. meahhhhh!!!!! (cry of frustration and loss) oh by the way, this is a new category of posts. "want". things i want. meahhhhh!!!


  1. wow, that is pretty amazing...

  2. i love furniture like this...i really wish i lived in that end of the country...


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