smart design mart set up... and kitten update.

spent 4 hours at the smart design mart space today, setting up, and for my shift for set-up day number two. the picture on the bottom is the wall of my space- i've wallpapered with my business cards... the picture on top is poof in a box, and porch kitten investigating. those two are starting to get along. the picture in the middle is of some other vendors setting up in the smart design mart space.

we weren't able to get the caterer we wanted for smart design mart for some reason... so yana and i volunteered to make the food. yeah. not sure why. i just got back from an intense four hour sandwich making session, those four hours are not including all the hours we've already spent baking. we've been hauling stuff around in taxis, metro, bike etc... (including flats of soda!!) because neither of us have cars... it's been kind of rough and exhausting... smart design mart starts tomorrow morning! looking forward to it!

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