porch kitten bunk bed

i opened up the studio door so the kitten can roam freely around the house, and the big cats can hang out in the studio again. porch kitten is getting along with pepito. poof hates the kitten, and tries to attack her any chance she gets. pepito is eating all the kitten food. a few nights ago, porch kitten snuck out of the studio and insisted on "sleeping" with me in my bed. i have no idea how such a tiny kitten can purr so loud. in my ear. all night. and when she wasn't purring at my head, she was jumping around the bed chasing her tail. all night. and when she got tired of doing that, she started kneading and picking at the blankets and sheets with her sharp little claws. purrr, chase, pick. reapeat. all night. was seriously tempted to put her back out under porch after that night. her bedtime manners have improved slightly since.


  1. I almost didn't see that little black floof!

  2. what a fucking awesome cat bed. I need one for beta.

  3. Nice to see that the kitchen has also taken to space saving ideas...and captured a cool bunk bed for herself.Nice look indeed.


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