porch kitten's big day out

porch kitten going for a nice fall walk

porch kitten enjoying the leaves in the park

porch kitten on the escalator

porch kitten waiting for the train

took porch kitten to the vet! we have fleas! no worms, but it could be a false negative, so de-worming just in case. porch kitten is a girl! she got her first round of vaccinations, and flea/mite/worm treatment. her adult teeth are just coming in, so that means she's at least 3.5 months old. there's a weird extra nail that grows in between her spare toes, and it doesn't get walked on, so i have to make sure to cut that one regularly otherwise it'll grow into her foot pad. other than that, porch kitten is in good shape!

btw, that vintage black and white houndstooth cat carrier is from the 1940-50's.


  1. yayyyy i'm glad you're using that super cute carrier!

  2. omg, of course you have an amazing vintage cat carrier!


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