smart design mart set up... and kitten update.

spent 4 hours at the smart design mart space today, setting up, and for my shift for set-up day number two. the picture on the bottom is the wall of my space- i've wallpapered with my business cards... the picture on top is poof in a box, and porch kitten investigating. those two are starting to get along. the picture in the middle is of some other vendors setting up in the smart design mart space.

we weren't able to get the caterer we wanted for smart design mart for some reason... so yana and i volunteered to make the food. yeah. not sure why. i just got back from an intense four hour sandwich making session, those four hours are not including all the hours we've already spent baking. we've been hauling stuff around in taxis, metro, bike etc... (including flats of soda!!) because neither of us have cars... it's been kind of rough and exhausting... smart design mart starts tomorrow morning! looking forward to it!


porch kitten bunk bed

i opened up the studio door so the kitten can roam freely around the house, and the big cats can hang out in the studio again. porch kitten is getting along with pepito. poof hates the kitten, and tries to attack her any chance she gets. pepito is eating all the kitten food. a few nights ago, porch kitten snuck out of the studio and insisted on "sleeping" with me in my bed. i have no idea how such a tiny kitten can purr so loud. in my ear. all night. and when she wasn't purring at my head, she was jumping around the bed chasing her tail. all night. and when she got tired of doing that, she started kneading and picking at the blankets and sheets with her sharp little claws. purrr, chase, pick. reapeat. all night. was seriously tempted to put her back out under porch after that night. her bedtime manners have improved slightly since.

meow mix


vintage buttons from paris

so, this is what my luggage was stuffed with on the way back from paris! vintage and antique buttons!!! i splurged a bit and bought these at various paris flea markets... this isn't even all of them! i bought a few additional bags of colorful vintage buttons as well. probably over 500 buttons in all. these ones are on these incredible old cardboard cards. i'm just finishing up my wool hoodies and getting ready to sew on the buttons. a bit behind, and halfway through this fall/winter season already. meahhhh.

cat introductions

opened up the studio door this morning to let the cats hang out... poof has been growling at the kitten through the door all week. i tricked them into getting close to each other with delicious wet food. i kept moving the plates closer and closer together. they're still not getting along very well, with lots of hissing between poof and porch kitten. pepito doesn't seem to mind the kitten as long as there's a plate of gravy in front of him, and the kitten isn't moving. will have to make arrangements to keep gravy on hand at all times.


porch kitten's big day out

porch kitten going for a nice fall walk

porch kitten enjoying the leaves in the park

porch kitten on the escalator

porch kitten waiting for the train

took porch kitten to the vet! we have fleas! no worms, but it could be a false negative, so de-worming just in case. porch kitten is a girl! she got her first round of vaccinations, and flea/mite/worm treatment. her adult teeth are just coming in, so that means she's at least 3.5 months old. there's a weird extra nail that grows in between her spare toes, and it doesn't get walked on, so i have to make sure to cut that one regularly otherwise it'll grow into her foot pad. other than that, porch kitten is in good shape!

btw, that vintage black and white houndstooth cat carrier is from the 1940-50's.


smart design mart space

so, i got to see the smart design mart space for the first time this week! it's HUGE! it's 15,000 square feet, concrete floors, with two huge main rooms, an entire wall of huge windows, and a couple of smaller rooms for fitting rooms and storage and it's perfect! it used to be a clothing factory. i can't wait to see everyone set up in their mini boutiques!

we're all going to go in this week and clean it up, make the floor plan and mark off all the vendor's spaces...


porch kitten loves cat bed

this video is for brenden, yana, tyson & freddy! makers of the suitcase catbed.

porch kitten is now studio kitten

porch kitten is now living in my studio, away from the other cats until it gets checked out by the vet on friday. seems pretty pleased to be indoors. kitten can't stop purring. it's just had lunch, and found a nice spot to sleep in amongst my piles of fabric. it's going to be very very hard to get any kind work done today. STUDIO KITTEN!!!


cat fight, hochelaga style

i heard meowing from my studio and i thought it was the porch kitten calling me... turns out it was these two big neighborhood cats about to fight, growling and yowling at each other, their faces just inches apart while making horrible cat noises. them some angry cats. it was broken up by the arrival of somewhat creepy guy with the jack russell, and that ugly grey terrier. the big cat lives a couple of houses down, and my neighbor has nicknamed him "gros louis". he also told me he's seen the slightly smaller one hanging out on the porch with the porch kitten. porch kitten's mother perhaps?

porch kitty meets pepito and poof

petting porch kitten

pepito & poof glaring at the porch kitten

pepito with murder in his eyes.

so introductions didn't go so well. pepito was giving porch kitten the death stare from inside the house while i was feeding it. poof wasn't too impressed with the kitten either. i did some research, i'm going to set up my mudroom as temporary porch kitten house, and then introduce them to each other again after a few days. meah-ow.


want: porch kitten

how often does this happen? turns out there's a tiny stray kitten living under my porch. i would like it to come inside before it gets too cold... super shy porch kitten has warmed up to us in just two days! no more pathetic kitten growling, and running back under the porch. he/she comes up for food right away, lets me pet him/her, but still spends most of the day under the porch. check out the size of those kitten mittens. best looking birth defect ever. going to try to lure tiny porch kitten inside.


going to a rock show this weekend!

rabbit ring made with rutilated quartz from the rock show

must say, this is one of the best days of the year for me... it's a bit embarrassing when i tell my friends i'm going to the rock show. especially when they ask me what band i'm seeing... (insert nerd noises here.) when i was a kid, i'd go every year in calgary, i think it's the first weekend of may every year. i've only made it to the montreal show twice, but during the last show i managed to score some gorgeous rutilated quartz, other stones, and some good looking fossils that i like to cast and turn into jewelry, like a snake vertebrae, and prehistoric fish teeth. still on the quest for a rattlesnake skull. oh, and if this is any motivation, they always have stellar door prizes. if you like rocks.


want: archer the cat

meet archer. i want archer. i found him on petfinder. he would be the perfect addition (cat-ddition?) to my really super fluffy cat collection. the bottom picture is of archer in a compromising position at a pet tech seminar. he seems like a really fantastic cat, and he's available for adoption from animal adoption montreal aka chatopia, a kind of "free-range" cat rescue in montreal. they do great work. follow animal adoption montreal on twitter, and be tempted to adopt a cat on a daily basis. seriously, archer is one of the best looking cats i've ever seen. i am not to have this cat because i've been told that i'm about one cat away from being a crazy cat lady. meahhhhhh.

bread slippers

how's this for eco? (insert "carbon footprint" reference here) the bread shoe. only 22and 5 for flat rate shipping. available at da da da. with the holidays rapidly approaching, this makes an excellent gift for that special friend or cousin, who loves carbs, and has a foot fetish. huh. wonder if they offer combined shipping. i'd be quite partial to a pair that's smothered in butter and garlic. (via design milk)


bag of goldfish garbage bags

oh so cute! i wish everyone on my block used these. and dexter too. and i wish they were made from recycled plastic. designed by wieden + kennedy... available from suck uk, 12 bags for 10£. (via fubiz)