paris day 4: three museums, one day

good timing! the first sunday of every month, a ton of paris museums are free. save your euros for more important things like cheese and sausages and custom made boots. i went to the musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, my favorite museums ever, probably because it's full of cute taxidermied, guns and other macabre goodies.

62 rue des archives 75003 paris

so this isn't the museum, but it was on the way there! toys! toys! toys!

funny sculpture in the museum courtyard

they had a DOG ROOM!!! everything dog!

crazy spiky old antique dog collars!

more amazing antique dog collars... makes me want to get a dog just to have a collar like that. my cats hate wearing collars.

cutest little stuffed dead bunny you'll ever see

laptop full of beans... i probably should have read the little card that went alongside this display... i've been wondering about this all day...

amazing antlers in the ceiling light fixture thing, want want want

this picture is kind of blurry because it was dark, this was the CEILING of the room, yeah, a feathery OWL ceiling. bonkers.

this little fox looked so real! i wouldn't mind one of these for the living room.

very nice porcelain bust

even the sign on the bathroom door was amazing!

bathroom self-portrait. i think i totally creeped out the lady in the stall... she could clearly hear my camera beeping, but she couldn't see me. i bet she though i was a pervert taking pictures of her...

next stop was the picasso museum down the street... um, there was a sign on the door saying it's closed until 2012. so the title of this blog is a lie. i only really made into two museums...
but if you're in the neighborhood in 2012, here's the info.

5 rue de thorigny 75003 paris

last stop, centre pompidou, with the musée national d'art moderne. really cool building, steamy greenhouse-like escalators on the outside of the building and great view from the top... the stuff inside, considerably less exciting than the stuffed animals and crossbows. they had a nice bookstore and fun designy gift shop...

view fr the top of the pompidou

i meant to go to the musée du louvre too... but i got hungry. i had filled my jacket pocket with gummi bears before leaving the apartment, but they weren't cutting it anymore. i think all that modern art did me in. and maybe also that weird encounter when i was studying some anna castelli ferrieri designed kartell pieces. this weirdo got within two inches of my face and asked me really slowly and loudly in french if i was chinese, kind of like the way you speak to someone, you know, "slow", and when i said i was, he proceeded to say something to me that may have been mangled chinese, but his accent was so bad, it really could have been any language. to get myself out of this possibly awkward situation with a possible side of "rice king", i told him i didn't speak chinese. he told me that it was a pity.

anyway, by the time i finished lunch back at the apartment it was 430pm already...no big deal, i will go back to the louvre sometime later this week. it's a bit of a chore, but i think i should go see that damn mona lisa and whatever else they've got up on the walls... gahhhhh.

i'm also going to try to see the free "bob l'eponge" exposition at pavillon d'eau. looks pretty fun. that's sponge bob to you my friends.

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  1. omg I WISH we had known about the Musée de la Nature et de la Chasse when we were there, it looks so amazing!!


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