paris day 11: mid century modern wet dream

this is what i went to this afternoon, after a quick visit to that 48 acre cemetery. les puces du design was magic. it was stall after stall (over 90) of all of those amazing furniture & design objects that you usually only see in books, or the ones that you're never allowed to touch in museums... on a pier, on dirt, with a chance of rain. i went during the last few hours of the four day event. so this is the stuff that was leftover! i don't know if it was because my fever came back or if my bronchitis+asthma+wheezing combo was slowing the oxygen to my brain, but if i hadn't taken these pictures i would have thought it was all a dream. like one of those really really really good dreams.

love this light fixture, maybe because it looks like a shopping cart. i have a small shopping cart in my house. i used it as a bookshelf.

hah. 1952 herman miller armshell chairs. 12oo€. hahahahah. cough. cough.

ok, loved these simple beat up shelves... the guy gave me a quote for both the teak set and the yellow set... 175€. cough. cough. yeah, didn't buy them.

cute mini bench

verner panton "s" chairs just hanging out

little rosewood planter. the dealer was asking 375€... and he had it listed as designed by arne vodder. it's actually designed by arne wahl iversen. do your research. jerk. i have the exact same thing in teak and i uh, i paid about 1/2 that price in montreal... we're so lucky that vintage is so fairly priced in montreal.

the woodwork on these chairs was stunning up close! love the candy colors.

interesting shoe parts.

oh so. nice.

mushroom chair, no big deal.

little purple poulsen friend

love the arm-rested version


wouldn't mind having one of these...


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