old school shoe maker paris

what luck! our apartment is right down the street from a custom shoe/boot maker! cobbler? can you still call people cobblers? i've been wanting to get a pair of custom made boots for more than 6 years! tried to get them done in shanghai, but wasn't able to find the same shoemaker my grandfather uses! i have lots sketches & specs of the boots i want made... but i didn't bring them with me...

michel of "retro by michel" was super nice, even though i walked in there wearing my dirty beat up vintage reebok hi-tops. he explained how we would need to have custom wooden lasts made of our feet, or we could use something he already had... and it would take about two weeks, if we had our lasts already made. custom made boots, made from your custom lasts would be around 1000€, shoes made from existing lasts start at around 400€, depending on your choice of leather, detail etc... he showed us these amazing beautiful old shoes and lasts from the 1930's... when the line of the shoe wasn't straight down the center of your foot but followed the natural curve of your foot. his quality is amazing!!! he also showed us this nearly completed pair of lace up boots he was making for his wife, he made her a pair years ago, but sold them in the shop, and she's been waiting four years for this pair!

fyi. he doesn't like pointy toed shoes.

175 Rue Saint Denis 75002 Paris
33 06 29 70 88 96

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