musée de la poupée-doll museum

we came across la musée de la poupée by accident... it was 8€ to get in, like i said in the previous post, i can only handle so much "culture" in one post. so i just went to the gift shop instead... i got this little ceramic baby friend from the 1940's for the same price as admission. free admission to the paris doll museum every second friday of the month...

Impasse Berthaud (near 22 rue Beaubourg)
75003 Paris

the gift shop was pretty entertaining, i think they repair dolls there as well...

more doll heads

looks like this weird looking doll got a bit too close to a fire... yeesh.


  1. i have to get my hands on a babyhead so that i can do a necklace 'inspired' by the one we saw in kokon to zai....

  2. mmmiya... not sure what part of that was english, but i'm gonna keep an eye out for an appropriate face...


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