marché aux puces montreuil flea market paris

second flea market of the day... marche aux puces montreuil
avenue de la porte de montreuil 75020

1/3 new stuff... like bad clothes, vinyl shoes, socks, underwear, bedding, tools, dvd's.... the usual flea market suspects.

1/3 used clothes... tables piled full of clothes. some 1€ tables, some 2€, some 3€, going up to 12€/item tables of clothing, leather jackets are more... i didn't really find anything i liked. shoes are mostly 5€, some vendors had 40€ boots, and more expensive new shoes... only about two vendors with real vintage clothing... really really really expensive. there was an amazing table full old fur hats and fedoras... 6€ or 2 for 10€... super good deal. but i look like such a poser in those...

1/3 junky used stuff (my favorite section)... i got some skeleton keys, and about 25 cards of big vintage buttons...can't wait to use them!

sooo many vendors blocks and blocks.... and illegal vendors lining the sidewalk for the few blocks from the metro to the flea market selling used clothes, shoes etc, on sheets...

this guy had racks and racks of neatly organized motorcycle boots and cowboy boots...

3€/item table

hats hats hats

thread, elastic, buttons, yarn

people, this is what happens when you don't have a will... your entire owl collection will be sold at a flea market. this vendor must have had at least a hundred owls!! and they were all different. my favorite one is the the wooden one in the back that kind of looks like a cat.

box full of owls

more owls

the fancy shoe vendor... possible the only vendor selling brand new shoes, actually made from real leather. shoes were 10€ and 20€, and boots were 40€

wall clocks

more clocks

i was pretty close to buying this dog on wheels... the guy said 50€, but i'll give you a good price... so cute, but heavy, so i walked away before he could give me the "good price" so i wouldn't be tempted. i really like old toys... and the vendor was mostly dealing in crappy electronics, so i think his good price would have been really good.

tiny tiles...

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  1. Man, I always think about that too when there's a large grouping of things at a flea market!


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