anjuna grafitti rings

these grafitti rings by bijoux anjuna are fun... it's kind of like those old school personalized gold necklaces and rings... in case you get really drunk and forget your name... but these might get you a bit more street cred. or hipster street cred. and really, that's priceless. the rings also remind me of the time an ex-boyfriend of mine confided in me that he really liked those custom graffiti hat. you know, when your local graffiti artist tags up an oversized trucker hat? (probably from a von dutch fire sale) and re-sells it to you, so you can look ridiculous? i replied: "what!!! are you kidding me? those are horrible!" (and i'll admit to possibly including a rant about the kind of person who would wear such a hat, which likely included the words loser, hipster, loser and try-hard) and then he said: "um, no, i'm not kidding, i actually really want one." and of course he was upset about it for the rest of the day. yeah, so, it pretty much went downhill from there... (via the carrotbox) (via digifunk)

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