2 days in paris...

this is where i'm staying... we've rented a fantastic 150 sq.ft studio apartment in this 17th century building... in the red light district. on a fourth floor walk-up. four flights of charming tilty worn down stairs, we think one of our old lady neighbors is prostitute. and some older cigar smoking lady is her pimp. it's a completely safe neighborhood, (although miya did see a nice man wearing one of those leather 8 ball jackets, a garter and no pants outside the apartment this morning, i'm sure he was harmless) and it's within walking distance to everything!! the building is currently undergoing renovations- the lower floors were once a sex shop- they're turning it into a restaurant. if you're looking to rent an apartment in paris, daily or weekly, here's the website for the studio! tell them i sent you...

fabric store...

miya being creepy with her nutella/banana crepe

i'm kind of ocd when it come to organizing and lining things up... i'd be happy to intern for this restaurant for free... love their window display.

i think you get that entire stick of meat for 13

shakespeare and company bookstore... so fantastic! i'm inspired to cover one of the walls in my house w/floor to ceiling bookshelves now!

these lovely toes belong to a very sweet dog who was admiring miya's crepe. notice the one white toe.

yana & dog

another kind of dog

got that pesky notre dame out of the way


  1. Is that the dog that hangs out at Shakespeare and Co? Because he is the BEST dog in Paris!! I met him when I was there last year.

  2. i LOVE the shakespeare and company bookstore. i went there a few years ago on an art trip.


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