palm beach sugar daddy ken

this is really messed up mattel. "palm beach sugar daddy ken" (that is the official name) is the perfect barbie to give your kid this holiday season. just in their career testing results came up with "find yourself a sugar daddy, you're useless". this is the official write up:

Cool sophistication in breezy Palm Beach! Sporting a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket with a light pink polo shirt and crisp white pants, Ken doll is ready for Palm Beach social season, sunning by the pool and a stroll with his little companion. Fashion designed exclusively for the Silkstone Barbie doll body. Includes Ken doll, jacket, pink polo shirt, white shoes, dog with leash, swim trunks and accessories, doll stand and certificate of authenticity. For the adult collector.

oh wait, they say "sugar daddy ken" is for adult collectors. i think that might make it even even more messed up. and wtf is this dirty sounding "silkstone barbie doll body"???? i think mattel should re-think their choice of dog, and replace that scotty looking thing with a nice pomeranian. (via topless robot)


i wish i was allowed to bring a knife to school

school desk carvings aka "lessons" in a series called "i don't like mondays" by ben turnbull... wow, these really make my dirty desktop doodles so lame. dear mr.turnbull, you're more than welcome to carve up any furniture in my house. except for my vintage teak bench/bookcase thing, i think it's nice as is. oh and maybe not my arne wahl iverson planter either. (via it's nice that)

meaty oil paintings

i'd love love one of these oily meaty paintings by victoria reynolds. but mural sized. (via acidolatte)


cutting belts...

cutting belts for an order... i like making these, it's fun to combine all the different textures and colors of leather. see, i really do work, i don't just blog about my cats all day... and yes, i realize there is a cat in the picture.

what to do when you lose your cat in montreal

ok... so i lost my cat pepito yesterday, and i didn't even notice for half a day... he's an indoor cat, but he managed to sneak out when the postman came to deliver a package. jerk. no one saw him slink out... he never hides, and comes right away when you call him, especially he hears a can opener... we searched the house several times (including the oven), called the montreal SPCA, looked for him outside with a flashlight, (black cat + nightime = not a good time), put up flyers across two blocks, and after about an hour, brenden spotted him wandering around a few houses down. BAD CAT!!!

the montreal SPCA was really helpful and had some super good tips for me in case this happens again:
-contact the spca "lost and found" department right away at 514.735.2711 x:2250, you can also check their blog for daily updates of pets in their stray section, if they aren't open, they're pretty quick to respond when you email them. (perdu@spcamontreal.com)
-even if you have an indoor cat, make sure it wears a collar with your home phone number or a scarf or bandana with your phone number
-put up flyers in your neighborhood
-put a soiled litter box, and sprinkle used cat litter on your lawn, kind of like a trail of breadcrumbs... your cat will be attracted to the scent...

here's the bad news... montreal doesn't have a centralized pound or animal control, so it makes it pretty hard to track down a lost pet... and the montreal SPCA (5215 jean-talon ouest, metro namur) is only able to cover the following municipalities/boroughs:

côte st-luc / montréal-ouest
côte-des-neiges / notre-dame-de-grâce


ile bizard/ste-geneviève


ville mont-royal
ville saint-laurent

if your municipality isn't listed, contact your city hall or borough office somehow to find out if there is an organization that covers your neighborhood. but act quickly, your pet will be held for 3-5 days in the "stray" section, and then evaluated for adoption.

hochelaga isn't one of those neighborhoods covered by the montreal SPCA... i found out through the SPCA that my neighborhood is covered by berger blanc. it gets worse... since pepito the cat is about 10 years old, he's considered "un-adoptable", and i would have to go to the berger blanc (9825 henri-bourassa est) ASAP to check for my cat for the next few days... because they will only hold him for THREE days before euthanizing him. that's pretty harsh.

berger blanc covers the following montreal neighborhoods:
le plateau
ville marie
villeray-parc extension

and the municipalities of:
le gardur
ville de lavaltrie
ville de mascouche
ville de charlemagne
ville de l'assomption
and a few other ones municipalities that just had logos on the page, see the complete list here ....

deer vase

if my cats didn't have such flat faces, i'd make them eat out of this deer vase by bas van beek. (via if it's hip it's here)

$17 000 solid white gold and diamond pacifier

i'm really hoping to find one of these in a gutter or something... all 278 diamonds... you shouldn't be allowed to use one of these if you can't even count to 278... and if you can count to 278, uh, you probably shouldn't be using a pacifier. creep. (via cool pacifiers)


awesome. a new way to be creepy.

pretty neat. sesnsecam made by vicon, you wear this as a necklace, and it takes a picture automatically every 30 seconds... it also uses an accelerometer and light sensors to snap an image when a person enters a new environment, and an infrared sensor to take one when it detects the body heat of a person in front of the wearer. it can fit 30,000 images onto its 1-gigabyte memory. i'd love to get a few of these and tie them to my cats...

here's a test shot... it was originally developed to jog the memory of alzheimer and dementia patients... ok, so so the pictures are kind of surreal and distorted, not sure how that going to jog memories, it's more like an old acid flashback. (via newscientist)


take it back.

ok, so i had a pair of reebok pump sneakers in elementary school. i loved them. they were white with teal and pink accents. but this is crossing the line. CRUSHED VELVET. and not in a sensible color. available in crushed green velvet, or crushed purple velvet. this is everything that's wrong in the world. in a hi-top sneaker. (via high snobriety)


zhang peng bloody portraits

artist zhang peng is responsible for these not so sears portraits. check out his website for more incredible work... funny, i had a similar expression on my face for nearly all of my school portraits, but without nearly as much blood. (via wicked halo)

this was a preschool picture taken at age 3... i'm not unhappy, i'm not angry. that's just my face. swathed in pink floral ruffles. and pigtails. and hair bows.


what!!! ketchup will never be the same

this is going to change the world. genius!! dual open condiment bottles by kai-yu lei... i really could have used one of these this afternoon after slamming nearly half a bottle of hot sauce into my homemade beef stew. (via yanko design)


fashionable cat calendar

ahhh! amazing!!! these are way classier than that lame-o ladybug cat hat costume i didn't buy at target. i didn't buy the bumblebee one either. or perhaps even less creepy than that cat hair cat toupee seen in this post. these images are from united bamboo's 2010 kitty fashion calendar, featuring cats, wearting cat versions of their regular line of human clothes. is it possible that someone has cracked the code and made a fashionable cat calendar?? (via the pipeline)

i want these floor to ceiling bookshelves, ladder and fancy ceilings

um... yes, exactly like this. dreamy. maybe it's because i've been in paris for nearly two weeks. i'm at the charles de gualle airport, waiting to board my flight back to montreal. ok. so i'll settle for just the tall bookshelves to stash my crap... imagine the spiders friends and webs you'd get in all those fancy moldings??? (via automatism)

is a bladeless fan still a fan?

i guess not, since dyson is calling this thing an "air multiplier" hi it's the future! crazy! air is pulled in through the bottom cylinder part, where the blades are hidden. cool air is then pushed out through the loop amplifier aka the loop. amazing. 10" for $300, 12" for $330. wonder if my cats will still want to play with this fan. (via the design blog)

wednesday comics is going HARDCOVER!

just announced! wednesday comics collection is going to be an 11 X 17" (that's huge!!) hardcover book retailing for $49.99! it was originally a 12 issue, 16 page weekly on 14" X 20" newsprint pages, that folds out to a massive 28" X 20"... can't wait to see it all together in book form! especially the flash story... because my boyfriend co-wrote it with his friend karl kerschl. cough. anyway. this book is going to be fantastic because i have trouble reading giant oversized newspapers, they tend to attract too much cat trouble. see my previous post on wednesday comics... (via dc universe)


paris day 11: mid century modern wet dream

this is what i went to this afternoon, after a quick visit to that 48 acre cemetery. les puces du design was magic. it was stall after stall (over 90) of all of those amazing furniture & design objects that you usually only see in books, or the ones that you're never allowed to touch in museums... on a pier, on dirt, with a chance of rain. i went during the last few hours of the four day event. so this is the stuff that was leftover! i don't know if it was because my fever came back or if my bronchitis+asthma+wheezing combo was slowing the oxygen to my brain, but if i hadn't taken these pictures i would have thought it was all a dream. like one of those really really really good dreams.

love this light fixture, maybe because it looks like a shopping cart. i have a small shopping cart in my house. i used it as a bookshelf.

hah. 1952 herman miller armshell chairs. 12oo€. hahahahah. cough. cough.

ok, loved these simple beat up shelves... the guy gave me a quote for both the teak set and the yellow set... 175€. cough. cough. yeah, didn't buy them.

cute mini bench

verner panton "s" chairs just hanging out

little rosewood planter. the dealer was asking 375€... and he had it listed as designed by arne vodder. it's actually designed by arne wahl iversen. do your research. jerk. i have the exact same thing in teak and i uh, i paid about 1/2 that price in montreal... we're so lucky that vintage is so fairly priced in montreal.

the woodwork on these chairs was stunning up close! love the candy colors.

interesting shoe parts.

oh so. nice.

mushroom chair, no big deal.

little purple poulsen friend

love the arm-rested version


wouldn't mind having one of these...


i kind of have a thing for moss...

found these at the pierre lachaise cemetery in paris. my favorite ones are the perfect little balls of moss... they're quite nice to pet. the cemetery was quite nice as well.

amazing metal flowers

she seems upset

yana inspecting the gardens

black cemetery cat

that creepy cat again...