where the wild things are jewelry

i made my own version of "carol" (aka moishe) & "max" for HQ's gallery show featuring artwork by local and international artists inspired by maurice sendak's 1963 book "where the wild things are". check out headquarter's montreal vernissage saturday october 10. for my piece in the show, i put a little silver "carol" and "max" in a small clear glass lidded terrarium full of moss, succulents and a couple of rocks. and didn't take any pictures of it, so you'll have to go to the gallery to see it! the show will be up for all of october.

"max" and "carol" are cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, then oxidized to bring out the details, and the polished to a high shine. the little monster has scaly feathery textured detail on his legs, a bushy tail, a slight overbite and some shiny teeth. little max has tiny button details, and trapdoor pyjamas. they're both 1" tall, 1.25" with the jump ring.

available exclusively in my etsy shop. find max here... find carol here...
they come on a numbered card. limited edition of 100.

and if you've never read the book, you can pick it up here, or at HQ!


  1. that's not carol, that's moishe!

  2. Wow they are gorgeous earrings. I am envious of anyone who has the patience to make something so delicate.
    925 sterling silver

  3. I want the whole set! they're so cute!


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