thursday giveaway... polka dots

this is what i'm working on right now. see you in a week or two. not this picture!!

this picture!!

oh, and kind of like that "how many jellybeans in a big glass jar" guessing game... can you guess how many items there are in the picture directly above?? person with the closest answer gets a leather clutch with measles. please leave your answer & website/email so i can contact you somehow in the comments section. you have until next thursday... get counting!

satchel clutch! this is your prize! made from red and white vintage polka dot leather, with shiny black leather straps. closes with silver snaps. the flap is lined in red leather, and the insided is lined in vintage black cotton with tiny gold dots. i use mine as a pencil case, i don't get out much. Measures 5" tall X 11" long". Retails for $110


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