thursday giveaway... metallic pink trees

the giveaway: clutch measures 6.5" X 8" with a silver metal wrist ring, bright metallic fushia pink leather body with a 5" black zipper closure, lined in pink and white polka dot cotton, leather applique of trees in green and chocolate leather, with pink heart detail...


want to win this? tell me why you want this clutch in comment section. and the winner will be randomly chosen next thursday. you get an extra entry for re-tweeting this post. find me! @roadkillkill


  1. I want this clutch...and bad. Why? Cause it's not only pink, my absolute favorite color, but it's metallic pink!! And as of late, I need something flashy and girly to get me out of this funk of being a first time mom that can't own/wear/have anything nice lest it gets spit up/barf/mashed up food/drooled on...but a clutch? Well, baby can't have that!

    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway by the way!

  2. this is very nice springtime stuff to keep us cheered up while all of nature is dying outside in preparation for winter.

  3. because i have loved all your stuff ever since terri introduced me to it in college. plus it's pink. and has trees. and is metallic. plus i love your stuff. like the evil rabbits. because i used to have an evil rabbit, so i can relate.

  4. i want it because it's a bracelet and a bag. and because metallic pink leather is a dream come true...


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