new snap press!

my new snap press came in the mail today... over the last six years, i've attached at least 5000 of sets snaps and eyelets with a hammer & setting tool and a pair of crappy snap pliers... blisters, calluses, sore hands and hammered bruised fingers are a thing of the past my friend....


  1. Hi! I am thinking of purchasing a snap press (I am attaching snaps the old fashioned way with a hammer and I think my downstairs neighbor is getting angry!) Can you tell me where you purchased yours? I am in Toronto and would like to order online from a Canadian company.

    Thanks so much for your help!


  2. hey kristy! i bought my snap press and snap dies from tandy!
    you can order them on-line, and i think they also have a store in toronto. and they great sales!! it's really really worth getting the press!! good luck!!


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