knit knit... who's there?

i have a crapload of this really nice super soft grey wool from some sort of foreign mountain animal, and was looking for some ideas of what to do with it... i want some sort of really huge scarf/shawl thing with a complicated lace pattern. huge like 3 feet wide and 8 feet long. i only know how to knit two stitches, and can't decipher or follow a knitting pattern to save my life.

so i was looking for some an etsy seller who could maybe make something custom for me... i stumbled across mucar 's etsy shop... beautiful knits handmade in istanbul... but i think i might like to buy one of each of these as well and let that yarn rot in the closet for a few more years, these are so so so nice!

mohair $115

mohair $153


grey mohair $80

black angora $80

oh, and if there's anyone out there who would be into doing a trade for their knitting or crocheting skills.... ie: you knitting or crocheting a GIANT lace scarf/blanket for me, i'll hook you up with a crapload of jewelry. just putting that out there.

i've also thought of kidnapping someone's bored & lonely grandmother to make them knit for me. or start some "community" art project at a senior's residence or a prison. the "community" being my closet. hmm, maybe i can even get a grant for this new business plan.

this is kind of what i'm looking for... (see below) but the yarn i have is quite a bit thicker. so maybe a combination of this daintier lacy stuff below, and the chunkier stuff above... there's this other amazing shop on etsy, notwosnowflakes.etsy.com they have incredible patterns for knitting lace. the patterns are by lace knitting artist karen walker, check out heirloomlace.etsy.com for more of her amazing things! ack! i can't believe someone can actually make something so complicated!


  1. See if Nancy will do it for you or knows of someone who knits lace. She is close-ish to Ottawa and has lots of connections around Ontario. See her blog, knittin4britain at that blog place.

  2. what is it? vicuna? guanaco? llama? alpaca? et cetera?


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