circa 2001 roadkill leather garter belt



back laces up with leather

check out what i dug up this morning... i was actually looking for this other belt i made years and years ago with a scrap of black leather, and super skinny handcut lavender suede fringe and crystal fringe... i couldn't find that one, but i found this one!!

i'm glad i kept one of these, this is one of the first leather belts i ever made. EIGHT years ago!!! a garter inspired belt, with knock your teeth out heavy antique brass curb chain garter straps and dogchain, leather lace up front and back, sits low on the hips, made from haircalf.... yeah, haircalf. it's exactly what it sounds like. kind of gross i guess. but it makes good use of what your veal chops leaves behind. (insert baby cow sound here)

i used to pair this belt with black hotpants and some high high boots to sell my leather things at random shows, like the black and blue ball in nyc.... but, don't worry! it still looks fierce with regular clothes, like pants. i'm working on some new belts this week... with a similar look, but less hair calf, and maybe some snaps, so it's a bit easier to put on and take off...

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