soilet? tink?

ok, so i really want this. some old lady used to live in my house. she had some mobility issues, or a really small bladder, the story remains unclear to this day. since there was only a bathroom on the second floor of the house, she had toilet installed in the kitchen pantry. if that's not awkward enough. that pantry has a little person sized door that leads opens into the stairs to the basement. it's not even a 1/2 bathroom. it's a toilet in a closet. no sink. no ventilation. nothin. this combo unit designed by roca would be perfect!! and and and? it has a self contained greywater system that reduces water waste! that would hopefully help off put all that water i use for my really really long showers. (via inhabitat)

wonder if this costs extra.

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where the wild things are jewelry

i made my own version of "carol" (aka moishe) & "max" for HQ's gallery show featuring artwork by local and international artists inspired by maurice sendak's 1963 book "where the wild things are". check out headquarter's montreal vernissage saturday october 10. for my piece in the show, i put a little silver "carol" and "max" in a small clear glass lidded terrarium full of moss, succulents and a couple of rocks. and didn't take any pictures of it, so you'll have to go to the gallery to see it! the show will be up for all of october.

"max" and "carol" are cast in solid sterling silver, hand finished, then oxidized to bring out the details, and the polished to a high shine. the little monster has scaly feathery textured detail on his legs, a bushy tail, a slight overbite and some shiny teeth. little max has tiny button details, and trapdoor pyjamas. they're both 1" tall, 1.25" with the jump ring.

available exclusively in my etsy shop. find max here... find carol here...
they come on a numbered card. limited edition of 100.

and if you've never read the book, you can pick it up here, or at HQ!

fold over motorcycle boot

i want these. two boots in one. by ld tuttle. turns out it's a man boot. good thing i have big feet. available exclusively at oak. $782 (via haute macabre)


kartell shoes

aha. kartell slapped a heal onto the glue cinderella plastic shoe to make it into the lady cinderella plastic platform sandal. available at normaluisa. cute. i don't understand how people can wear plastic or rubber shoes w/o getting stank slippery wet foot. is there a secret? (via cool hunting)


floppy disk mural

(via ohdeeoh)

snap press in action

got the dies for my snap press in the mail today! been putting snaps on belts. the new hand press is magic, like butter. can't believe i've gone so long without one. mail order is magic as well. back to work.


stylist's own ::: second edition

i'm pretty excited to be part of this again! the second edition of stylist's own. i'm working on some special super fancy one of a kind pieces right now. here's a sneak peek!

i've been working on some new silk and leather belts... this one is made of croc embossed black leather, silk velvet with silver stripes, black chain, and bone claws. the only thing that really sucks is that i missed the first edition because i was in toronto for my sister's wedding, and i'm also going to miss this edition! boohoo! one of a kind exclusive things??? i want to shop! but don't feel too bad for me. i'll be in paris. cough. enjoy the show! it's going to be fantastic.

Edition 02
Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter 2009-2010

Vendredi 02 octobre – 10h à 21h
Samedi 03 octobre – 10h à 18h
Dimanche 04 octobre – 12h à 18h

Friday October 2nd – 10am to 9pm
Saturday October 3rd – 10am to 6pm
Sunday October 4th – 12pm to 6pm

Cette saison STYLIST’S OWN investit le / this season STYLISTS’ OWN will take place at -
STUDIO MW – 400 McGill (vieux/old Montreéal)

vêtements homme et femmes I accessoires et déco design I séléctions audacieuses I prix abordables I mise en espace et accueil de qualité I lieu décalé
clothing men and women I designer accessories and objects I bold aesthetic choices I affordable prices I a stylish venue and attentive service I and an unusual space

Alek Paul Eyewear l American Retro l Atelier Punkt l Beige l Brazen Design l BroLLte l Bruuns Bazaar l BY MALENE BIRGER l BZR l Catchframes l Catherine Chagnon l Colcci l Complexgeometries l Costume National Eyewear l Cynthia Steffe l Couper Croiser l Denis Gagnon l Designers Remix l Diesel Black Gold l Drykorn l ENERGIEl Félixe Carole Dicaire l Furni l Futil design l Gròa l Harakiri l James Perse l Jean Paul Corbeil l J Lindeberg Eyewear l John Varvatos Eyewear l Killah l La Fée Maraboutée l Lne l Majolie l Marie-Claude Girard l Mary design l Melissa Matos l Miju l Miss Sixty l Mogil l Morales l Noa Noa l Pascale Girardin l Pearls Before Swine l Philippe Dubuc l Pina & Gina l Princesse Tam-Tam l RoadkiLL lRyoko Wada l Schleeh Design l Spoon l Suf l Tara Jarmon l Tavan & Mitto l Tiger of Sweden Eyewear l Twenty8Twelve l Thakoon Eyewear l Travis Taddeo l Turnover l Valerie Dumaine l Yso l Zent .........STYLIST’S OWN vintage collection


thursday giveaway... metallic pink trees

the giveaway: clutch measures 6.5" X 8" with a silver metal wrist ring, bright metallic fushia pink leather body with a 5" black zipper closure, lined in pink and white polka dot cotton, leather applique of trees in green and chocolate leather, with pink heart detail...


want to win this? tell me why you want this clutch in comment section. and the winner will be randomly chosen next thursday. you get an extra entry for re-tweeting this post. find me! @roadkillkill

thursday giveaway... polka dots WINNER!!!

the answer is 192! congratulations sandy who guessed 210.

kazuki takamatsu

this is gouache. gouache!!! by kazuki takamatsu. (via fubiz)


curiosity killed the cat. over and over and over.

"nine lives cut short by curious deeds" curiosity killz, illustrations by mark thoburn, available here. (via superpunch)

baaaaah, woof woof.

got wood?

wow. super useful. an app that helps you identify wood. over 50 species. the developers say it's ideal for gunsmiths. now if only canada would get a new shipment of iphone 3GS. i've been waiting over a year to buy an iphone. a year ago, i was told, wait, don't buy the 3G to wait for the new one. i waited. the 3GS came out. fido changed my contract, and i wasn't able to get out of it, or renew to a new contract for another half a year. now, all of canada has been sold out of the iphone 3GS. for months. still waiting. even my mom has an iphone. anyway, if i had an iphone i'd buy this app. maybe i can also find an app that will make me less bitter. (via hatch)

cat toupee made with cat hair

poof is wearing a cat toupee made from my other cat's hair. i'd like to thank pepito the cat for his generous donation.


good looking laptop backpack

probably going to get this. good for when i bike w/my macbook. and travelling. by targus. $50. doesn't scream "rob me please i have a computer in my bag" oh crap... just realized that it only come in navy blue. fu*k that then. i though it was black. (via gizmodo)

more tea bags

origami tea bag by nathalia ponomareva. yes, i've been blogging a lot about tea bags and tea bagging lately. maybe i have a gift in trend forecasting. (via sub studio design blog)

cat demolishes corn

wish this was my cat (via cute overload)

strawberry bus stop

(via 2modern)

architecture rings