today's adventures in thrifting.

ahhh!!! look at what i bought today... a yellow vintage typewriter in PERFECT working condition. it was a such a steal, i would have lost money by not buying it... it's mostly decorative, but i've already told marc that i'd start stealing things from his house, and type out ransom notes on my shiny new typewriter aka money making machine.

and, and, and.... a cast iron pan and lid in perfect condition, it doesn't even look like it's been used... my first "le creuset" piece! i hope to eventually own many more... especially in those nice enameled colors. the pan sells for over $100 without the lid... I shelled out $5.99. i also got 120 really good looking ykk zippers with black metal teeth, a ton of fabric, and a pair of shoes... oh, and a couple of vintage fur hats... and a pretty good car tan.

can't wait for winter. just to wear this hat. i'd wear fur pants too, if i wasn't so worried about getting attacked with red spray paint.

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