holy good sale at the garden center!

everything was at least 50% off at my garden center up the hill... now i can finally fill up my front yard... within my budget!  I got some black lace, some other black plant, this tree thing with white flowers, and some other vivaces (perennials?) with white flowers...  managed to stuff two trees and the small plants into my bike basket, and one tree into my backpack... it was a bit of a wobbly ride down the hill, and i got some confused looks, but i'm going to go back for more stuff later this weekend before they close down for the season... all this for $30!! i've biked with some pretty random things in my basket: trees (more than once), a mid century teak table, cooked leg of lamb (more than once), ribs, roasted duck (more than once), thanksgiving dinner (ie: entire roast turkey), etc... 

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