cat bed for cats

1:04pm update: cat found asleep on cat bed

the many faces of poof!... my birthday cat bed was delivered today! (sponge swiss cheese by freddie not shown in picture.) poof is making good use of it already... she loves it! and so do i... it was a collab btw. brenden, yana, tyson and freddie... they got together and bui
lt this thing!! they were originally going to sneak into my garden at night, and plant a bunch of stuff, and fill it with garden gnomes... yeah, kind of creepy, i know. but i saw one of their sneaky emails and busted them before they could do it...

i don't care much for birthday celebrations, and i hate surprises... they make me extremely uncomfortable. i nearly walked out of a restaurant when some friends pulled a nasty surprise birthday dinner on me a couple of years ago... AND they brought out a cake & sang? in a restaurant. UNFORGIVABLE. i didn't like that at all. what awful people.

just last week, i got tricked into another surprise birthday dinner. i had a mild asthma attack. i managed to get over it because they made delicious duck, risotto, greens, lava cake with fresh whipped cream and a i snagged a big ol' bag of godiva chocolates from my friend tamara. what's up with people and surprises? it's absolutely horrible. so a surprise present for my cats? i can live with that! thanks guys!!

3:25pm update: cat is still asleep on cat bed

4:19pm update: still sleeping...


  1. OHhhh this is sooo cute!!!! I'm so happy Poof likes it!

  2. omg, this is sooo cute!! I need to try and do this myself!


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