cat bed for cats

1:04pm update: cat found asleep on cat bed

the many faces of poof!... my birthday cat bed was delivered today! (sponge swiss cheese by freddie not shown in picture.) poof is making good use of it already... she loves it! and so do i... it was a collab btw. brenden, yana, tyson and freddie... they got together and bui
lt this thing!! they were originally going to sneak into my garden at night, and plant a bunch of stuff, and fill it with garden gnomes... yeah, kind of creepy, i know. but i saw one of their sneaky emails and busted them before they could do it...

i don't care much for birthday celebrations, and i hate surprises... they make me extremely uncomfortable. i nearly walked out of a restaurant when some friends pulled a nasty surprise birthday dinner on me a couple of years ago... AND they brought out a cake & sang? in a restaurant. UNFORGIVABLE. i didn't like that at all. what awful people.

just last week, i got tricked into another surprise birthday dinner. i had a mild asthma attack. i managed to get over it because they made delicious duck, risotto, greens, lava cake with fresh whipped cream and a i snagged a big ol' bag of godiva chocolates from my friend tamara. what's up with people and surprises? it's absolutely horrible. so a surprise present for my cats? i can live with that! thanks guys!!

3:25pm update: cat is still asleep on cat bed

4:19pm update: still sleeping...


styrofoam is really good for some things...

these are super fun! sharpie on styrofoam... and photographed in front of a mirror. by cheeming boey, check out a fun interview with him on the sharpie website and another good one on ocregister ... it's a pretty good party trick. (via designyoutrust)

summer lovin'....

love love love these summer of love illustrations by saiman chow (via collectiva)

cat face

i have a friend who would probably consider surgically grafting this lovely thing to her face... made in metal with hand drilled holes, it casts a CAT shadow on the wearer. part of maiko takeda's graduation project. (via designboom)

leafy business cards

yeah so pretty! the ultimate "eco" business card... laser cut business cards... more precisely, laser cut leaves... by brazilian design firm tatil what would make these even more environmentally friendly was if you were powering your laser machine by bicycle... (via inhabitat)


snake!! (pendant)

Ok, I have to confess, I really wanted to name this post snakes on a chain...

This pendant is cast from a fossilized snake vertebrae. I fell in love with this little fossil at the rock and mineral show in Montreal. An annual nerd event... not the same breed of nerd you would find at a comic convention... or the annual cat show, or the antiques show. these nerds collect rocks... I LOVE THIS SHOW. I bought pre-historic fish teeth as well, and some other junk... I hate explaining to my friends that i'm going to "the rock show" and not a rock concert. sigh. (I plan to attend the cat show, and I've been going to the antiques show for years.)

Anyway... This is a solid sterling silver replica, hand finished, oxidized to bring out the details, like the texture in the bone, and then polished to a high shine. It measures 1" across at the widest part... Comes on a 20" sterling silver chain that runs through the spinal column.

ssssssssssssssssss (snake hiss)

today's harvest...

managed to milk 12 quality apples and two strawberries from my garden today... yay fruit.

eat local...

this fantastic video that explains why it's important to eat local & canadian.... watch HERE. (via core77)

find the cat in this photo.

poof being poof.

global warming will melt your deer

caution for global warming by kawano takeshi this is kind of how i felt before eating that popsicle yesterday. (via fubiz)


blip animated short

two aliens try to take over the same planet (via likecool)

today's adventures in thrifting.

ahhh!!! look at what i bought today... a yellow vintage typewriter in PERFECT working condition. it was a such a steal, i would have lost money by not buying it... it's mostly decorative, but i've already told marc that i'd start stealing things from his house, and type out ransom notes on my shiny new typewriter aka money making machine.

and, and, and.... a cast iron pan and lid in perfect condition, it doesn't even look like it's been used... my first "le creuset" piece! i hope to eventually own many more... especially in those nice enameled colors. the pan sells for over $100 without the lid... I shelled out $5.99. i also got 120 really good looking ykk zippers with black metal teeth, a ton of fabric, and a pair of shoes... oh, and a couple of vintage fur hats... and a pretty good car tan.

can't wait for winter. just to wear this hat. i'd wear fur pants too, if i wasn't so worried about getting attacked with red spray paint.

urn is the new compost

this really good looking ceramic and rubber urn by matilda wigg erixon carries a seed, when you're born, your placenta gets tossed into it, and then it grows a tree... and then your ashes get tossed back into it when you die... lovely isn't it.   (via design milk)

farty pants

chinese ads for air freshener (via animal)

baby head ceramics

love these!  by susan kniffin davidson, baby head salt & pepper, bowls, planters tiles...  (via distillate)


today's haul...

this morning's harvest... blueberries, one mutant strawberry, one ripe tomato, and one tomato that fell off the vine, and isn't quite there yet... glad there's a grocery store nearby. 


knuckle duster & faithful glove clutch

this is soo good looking! alexander mcqueen i forgive you for that collab you did with target and i never stopped stalking you...  knuckle duster clutch in red snake...  retails for $1895 (via alexander mcqueen)

d.i.y. prison style

some of my favorites diy prison escape tools photographed by marc steinmetz
double barrel pistol, grappling hook, and crucifix dagger.... these prisoners should sell their things on etsy... genius.  i love a nice handicraft   (via marc steinmetz photography)

hair of the dog. sweaters.

i personally hate the word "upcycle" but i think it's really appropriate in this case... spinning yarn and knitting sweaters from your pet's hair.  i used to keep the hair from my persian and himalayan cat... but my sister tried to spin it, and i think the fibers were too short... or maybe we just weren't doing it correctly...  full instructions available on the original post... also a nice memory to have if your dog is dead...   (via if it's hip it's here)


shirt dresses are done!

black linen

black cotton eyelet

blue linen

blue tie dye eyelet

i just posted these in my etsy shop... only four were made in each fabric, with two in each size... small fits sizes 6-8, and medium fits sizes 8-10....