the ladies are here!!!

ordered some ladybugs friends to eat the aphids on my two apple trees and one pear tree. i managed to kill most of the aphids last week by spraying them with lukewarm water with a bit of biodegradable dish soap.  but, you have to do that all the time to keep them under control.     

i missed the ladybug delivery before the weekend... i called purolator, i called home depot... they couldn't redeliver for THREE days!  i was sure they would be ALL dead dead dead... but the ladies have arrived, and are all alive, and seem ok... it's pouring rain right now, so i put them in my fridge next to the salami + feta  for a nice sleep.  to be released shortly.   this is exciting.  my next purchase?  an anteater. 



lazy cat rolling around on my dress patterns... apologies in advance for all of the cat hair on this season's clothing... and i guess on all previous and future seasons as well.   


two headed deer pendant

this is my newest pendant, the TWO headed deer.  sometimes, it just happens.  complete with assterisk.  get it?  get it?  freshly listed in my etsy shop.  


new skinny tentacle

here's a little something new i just finished up... it's the skinny tentacle...  it measures about 2.5" long.... retails for $140.... and can be found in my etsy shop....
also available, the BIG tentacle...  


EXTRA SMALL skull pendant & earrings...

new "extra small" skulls...

working on some even tinier skulls... i've re-named the "mini skull", "small skull", and this even smaller skull will be named- the "extra small" skull...  these are going to be tiny pendants and really small stud earrings!  please excuse the wrinkly dirty waterlogged hand.... 

these "extra small" fu*kers were flying all over my studio when i was grinding, sanding, finishing + polishing them... it's hard to get a good grip on them, and they also get pretty hot when you're working on them... lost count of the times i had to get up and crawl around my floor looking for them...  my knees are sore, but i think my hearing has improved.  i'll post them in my etsy shop soon.....


hand soap!!

oooh, yana gave these to me months ago, but they've been WAY too cute to use... i had them hanging on my bathroom door and i would pet them every time i passed by.  but i'm going to do it.  i'm going to use them... one little hand at a time.  hand soaps in the shape of hands?  it's genius.  a fun company called plastic foliage makes them.  amazing!

hi friend.


HQ vernissage this saturday...

hq is three this weekend!  i have a few pieces in the show... actually three pieces.  
woodburning experiments, octopus loves robot, octopus loves cat, and cats cats cats.. 
but right now... i'm eating delicious milk chocolate with toffee chunks.