yay church sales...

pictures of some of the stuff i scored today, and stuff i left behind... the green thing on the top left, i had to leave behind, it was $3... amazing vintage modular plant stand, some moron painted green (originally white plastic) there was big crack on one of the shelves, and i was biking w/o my bungees... oh so cool!!!

i bought:
  • a totally un-pc kid's book from the 50's, i liked the illustrations, 
  • a bright blue suitcase in pristine condition, complete with mirror comb, brush AND THE KEYS!!! 
  • a mcm vase 
  • and this wood nutmeg grinder thing, 
  • and a dress with cats wearing bowties (yana i think you might like it!)  
all for just $5.50.  oh and a green plastic spatula thing. 
yay! east side, where thrifting is still cheap!  

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