new desk! old desk!

i bought this desk off of craigslist for $30!! it's exactly what i've been looking for... an old single pedestal oak desk!  i've been using a huge double pedestal steel tanker desk from the 1950's for the last few years... but for jewelry, it's better to work on a wood surface... and that desk is 6 feet long, and taking up too much room!! 

unfortunately someone painted my new desk a horrible matte dark blue, (i don't like anything blue) but for $30, it's a fun re-finishing project... underneath the blue?  speckled textured spray paint...  when was that ever a good idea??  under that?  yellowed varnish... and then this light grey paint... i'm going to strip it down to the wood, and leave some bits of grey.... almost done three sides and the top... i've been working on it a little bit each day.  will post picture of the finished desk!  

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