sparkle sparkle vintage jewelry

i've just listed a TON (not all) of my vintage jewelry in my roadkillsupplies.etsy.com shop... i absolutely adore vintage rhinestones and jewelry,  but i find that i just don't get around to wearing them.  EVER. probably because i'm too busy wearing and pimping my own jewelry... hahah...  um, just kidding.  so, quite sad to see these go, but i know they'll find a good home.  

mary loves pepito

i was actually sitting on this chair as well, trying to work with a dog behind me and a cat on my lap...  until i got demoted.  watch mary put her arm around pepito.   hmmm, this video just reminded me of the time my good friend met some guy at a bar and he kept trying to shove his tongue in her ear.  we refer to him as "the drill".  


pepito vs. twigs

he's normally an indoor cat, but though he might enjoy the toasty weather.... here's pepito flossing on some twigs.... 

mary vs. pepito....

i get mary this week while tyson&angie are in winnipeg!  who gets the better end of this deal?  heh heh.  hanging out in the backyard w/dog + one cat... this is mary taking a breather, and looking quite pleased with herself after trying to eat my 10 year old cat...  see video below... oh, and listen for the hissing cat at near the end of the video... 


underpass art....

some of my favorites this week... this is an underpass by my house...  the scenery changes weekly, daily, hourly...  makes me love living by the train tracks.... wonder which side of the tracks i'm on...  yay hochelaga. 


i'll be selling at puces pop this weekend!

Ukrainian Federation - 5213 Hutchison
MAY 14th, 7 - 10pm:  Games Night and Puces Pop Preview
Come by and get a Crafty sneak peek from Paper and Pine, play a round of (our favourite) bingo, whack a Chihuahua wearing a jean jacket Pinata, have some drinks and a crazy-yummy sandwich!
Food by Le D├ępanneur Le Pick-up & Treats from the Cake Fairy.
MAY 16th & 17th, 11am - 6pm: Arts & Crafts Fair + Kidspop Workshops
Pop Montreal's Arts & Crafts Fair always features a fabulous selection of handmade goods from local craftspeople and artisans - soaps, fashion, jewlery, ceramics, art, silkscreened work, baked goods... The list goes on and on! 
Food by Le Pick-up and Treats by the Cake Fairy.

Throughout the weekend we will also have Kidspop workshops.
Sign-up at kids@popmontreal.com.

Saturday May 16th - 12 pm - 1:30 pm
Screenprinting with Mikala Grant

Saturday, May 16th - 2 pm - 3:30 pm
Comic Book Character Drawings with Matt Forsythe

Sunday, May 17th - 11 am - 12 pm
Interactive “Found Items” Percussion Demo with Liam O'Neill

Sunday, May 17th - 1:30 - 4:00
Recycled Fashion with Yana Gorbulsky


more old people!

my uncle took some photos of my grandparents this weekend... these two are my favorites!!  i think the love of napping may be genetic. 


ladyfest ottawa...

had a really good weekend at ladyfest ottawa's tarts n' crafts sale... good turnout even with the rain... here's a picture of my table...  this was probably taken before that horrible little girl came by and started touching stuff...  and offering me $0.45 for my bow necklaces...  i couldn't find her mother anywhere...  

welcome to the family junky church sale find

got this for one dollar... cute, vintage, floral, made in japan... i'll be using as my recycling bin in my studio... 

up until, oh about five minutes ago, i've been crunching up and tossing my "to be recycled" papers directly onto the floor.  sometimes even pre-shredded... to be picked up at some later time.  look. i'm getting organized. 



yay church sales...

pictures of some of the stuff i scored today, and stuff i left behind... the green thing on the top left, i had to leave behind, it was $3... amazing vintage modular plant stand, some moron painted green (originally white plastic) there was big crack on one of the shelves, and i was biking w/o my bungees... oh so cool!!!

i bought:
  • a totally un-pc kid's book from the 50's, i liked the illustrations, 
  • a bright blue suitcase in pristine condition, complete with mirror comb, brush AND THE KEYS!!! 
  • a mcm vase 
  • and this wood nutmeg grinder thing, 
  • and a dress with cats wearing bowties (yana i think you might like it!)  
all for just $5.50.  oh and a green plastic spatula thing. 
yay! east side, where thrifting is still cheap!  


new roadkill supplies etsy shop

oh hey, i've opened another etsy shop... roadkill supplies.  
kind of a spring cleaning effort, but i've got boxes and boxes of supplies i haven't gotten around to using... sooo many pretty pretty semi-precious stone beads, and beads, and tons of vintage supplies, silver findings and possibly some fabric i'm willing to give up.... stuff i hunted down and loved, and absolutely had to buy but just never used... hopefully my treasured supplies will find a good home... and i'll cut back on my compulsive shopping, and starting useless hobbies... uhhhh.... 

mid century nightmare

mixing my favorite things.... my collection of w.german pottery, and doll parts...  i usually only buy arms and heads, but my sister gave me these scented baby legs last time i was in toronto... i was going to turn them into coat hooks, but never got around to it... 


octopus loves robot

non consensual octopus on robot love... i decided to take up wood burning last week... it was way harder than i thought it would be... i had to grind a custom tip... anyway... this was my first effort... wood burning on an 8" X 10" X 1" birch panel, with iridescent and metallic acrylic paints, and pearl pigment... this octopus friend is all pearly seafoamy green... available in my etsy shop...

new desk! old desk!

i bought this desk off of craigslist for $30!! it's exactly what i've been looking for... an old single pedestal oak desk!  i've been using a huge double pedestal steel tanker desk from the 1950's for the last few years... but for jewelry, it's better to work on a wood surface... and that desk is 6 feet long, and taking up too much room!! 

unfortunately someone painted my new desk a horrible matte dark blue, (i don't like anything blue) but for $30, it's a fun re-finishing project... underneath the blue?  speckled textured spray paint...  when was that ever a good idea??  under that?  yellowed varnish... and then this light grey paint... i'm going to strip it down to the wood, and leave some bits of grey.... almost done three sides and the top... i've been working on it a little bit each day.  will post picture of the finished desk!  


if this is the future. i don't like it.

went to get a snack before the etsy meeting at HQ this weekend... nearly ran out of the IGA when i saw these scary weird freakish shopping carts of the future.... i would rather be carrying/dropping an armload of groceries down every aisle rather than to be caught dead using one of  these hideous tacky things... maybe they're made from recycled plastic??? otherwise there's no excuse for such horrible things...  and the red things in the middle?? are carts for holding your hand baskets... i don't get it.  


ribs vs. dogs

heading to a vernissage at HQ and then to a bbq after, i have over 5lbs of ribs in my purse (i carry a very large purse)... dry rub with chili powder, brown sugar, cumin, sea salt and pepper, and a ton of GARLIC, marinated in the fridge for a day and a half, and then baked for two hours, and then brushed with sauce and onto the bbq.   i hope i don't run into any dogs on my bike ride...