oh hey, it's show and tell again... this is an octopus leg i made in ceramics class at the visual arts center...  we had the choice of making something functional or ornamental...  most of my stuff ended up being somewhere in between... 

i really enjoyed ceramics class, but i have trouble with expensive hobbies that i can't really turn into a $$ making business... hahaha. cough. cough.. 

oh, and not to brag or anything, but that's an original fiberglass bullet planter from the 50's or 60's... in a rare teal green, mint condition... ok, i'm bragging.  

the cashmere + leather bears are the stylist's own.  


  1. Man, that octopus leg is so cool! But honestly, I'm such a wussy that I jumped when I saw the picture before reading what it was!

  2. ahh elaine, i'm so jealous! i can't even post any of the stuff i made in that ceramics class....soooo ugly


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